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Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and Therapy

Sometimes an unresolved issue from the past is making it impossible to function well in the present, much less look forward to growth in the future.  If this is the case, counseling may be more appropriate before coaching can be most effective. 

Whether you're struggling with depression that is stealing the life from you, anxiety that's causing severe stress, childhood trauma, a challenging relationship, addiction or a combination of all, I want to help you get your life back and become more of who you were created to be in the first place. I am passionate about restoring your joy (or helping you find it in the first place) and equipping you to not only survive, but to THRIVE!

Using a holistic approach, I tailor treatment to your specific needs. I've trained extensively in evidenced-based trauma therapies, am a seminary graduate, licensed addictions counselor and certified in Developmental Prayer. I will help you understand what's causing your current distress and empower you with the best tools to heal and grow.

I view counseling as an opportunity for transformation. As we often live with deeply-rooted negative beliefs that distort the way we view ourselves and the world around us, my desire is to help you address these beliefs and awaken a whole new future of health and possibility!

* For counseling and therapy, I am in-network for Anthem and Medical Mutual.  If you choose to use your insurance company's out-of-network benefits I can also provide you with the paperwork to do so.   

CONTACT ME  to explore which avenue may be most helpful at this time.